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43% improvement with the m-station

A study by the Danderyd Football Academy in Stockholm shows impressive results after only 4 weeks of training with the m-station Talent.

We have known for a while that you become a better football player after practicing with the m-station, but we are still surprised at how good the results are in the Swedish study of the Munin Sports football rebounder.

Testing the m-station

The test subjects used the MuninPlay app for registering the total number of repetitions and time use. Trainer Daniel Kalles-Pettersson and the test subjects considered the MuninPlay a good candidate to measure the players’ progress and help them improve their technical skills.

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Over 40% Improvement in Only 4 Weeks

A group of students at an elite high school of the Swedish Football Federation, under the leadership of UEFA pro-trainer Daniel Kalles-Pettersson, have done the research and their results are clear. After four weeks’ training, the test subjects are 43% better at shooting with their weak leg and 42% better at controlling headers.

The graphs below clearly show the test subjects’ technical progress in the two exercises after only four weeks’ training with the m-station Talent.



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The test subjects also described the product as well-suited for both beginners and elite players since the m-station Talent exercises can be varied based on level. They were surprised at the dramatic improvement they experienced in such a short period of time, and describes the the m-station Talent as a powerful performance-enhancing product.

Trainer Daniel Kalles-Pettersson highlights the importance of variation in day-to-day training, which the m-station Talent can do. He adds that:

– It is a super-tool for football players that want to improve their technical skills. Specifically the m-station Talent contributes to individual technical development, which any aspiring and ambitious player can take with them on to the football pitch.

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If you would like to know more about their research, please get directly in touch with our Marketing Manager, Simon Secher, on simon@muninsports.com.

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