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KAA Gent: Recovering with the m-station

Proper training is how you win your first game, but proper recovery is how you win the next one.

Christmas Delivery

Need to know dates and information for the festive season.

FourFourTwo Performance: “The Ultimate Training Partner!”

We are proud to announce that the football training experts at FourFourTwo Performance recently labeled the m-station football rebounder as “The Ultimate Training Partner,” while stating that “birthday parties and family barbecues will never be the same again!”

VIDEO: Goalkeeper training with m-station in Arsenal

To have one of the best youth academies in the Premier League you need to have some great facilities.

Munin Sports Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift, instantly delivered via email and ready to be printed for the future football star

Europe’s 5th Youngest Lineup & Title Contender: FC Nordsjælland and its use of the m-station

Fielding one of the youngest starting 11s in European football, FC Nordsjælland has achieved much recent success, which has not gone unnoticed. Currently, the club is part of the top flight in the Danish Superliga despite the recent departures of Emre Mor, Marcus Ingvartsen, and Stanislav Lobotka, who collectively transferred for the sum of 20 […]

Improve your aerial first-touch and passing with the m-station rebounder

Get going with the m-station rebounder and practice your touch and passing in the air in one sequence. Find the drills on your MuninPlay app and track your performance to continue improving day by day.

Improve your dribbling skills with the m-station rebounder

Set up the m-station in your own backyard and become a better dribbler through a few simple drills. Find demonstration videos here or on the MuninPlay app. Improve on your own and surprise your teammates with your newly enhanced skills.

m-station in Bayer Leverkusen
Bayer Leverkusen: Goalkeeper Training with the m-station

Considered one of the very best German teams of the last decade, Bayer Leverkusen has established itself as a top team in one of Europe’s top flights.  Averaging an attendance of 29,600 spectators at home in a stadium with a capacity of 30,210, the West German giants provide some very entertaining football.

Improve your Short-Passing with the m-station rebounder

We have compiled a list of drills to get you off to a great start with the m-station football rebounder by focusing on short-passing skills. Find the drills on the MuninPlay app and turn your yard into a world-class training facility.

Improve your goalkeeping reflexes with the m-station rebounder

Get started with the m-station rebounder and become the goalkeeper you always wanted to be. Improve your reflexes as a goalkeeper through these drills to channel your inner Manuel Neuer.

m-station rebounder in Benfica Youth Academy
SL Benfica: m-station at One of Portugal’s Leading Youth Academies

After Portugal won EURO 2016, the football world’s focus has been directed at the Portuguese part of the Iberian Peninsula. SL Benfica has been the center of attention, having developed the best young player of the tournament, Renato Sanches, who currently plays for Bayern Munich.

Improve your volley finishing with the m-station rebounder

A well-executed volley is one of the most beautiful sights in football. Learn how to approach and hit a volley through these 3 drills to look like the pros. These drills are available on the MuninPlay app, which you can use to track your performance and improve at home in your very own yard.

m-station the best football-training equipment
GQ Magazine: “The best pass-returning training device – just ask Real Madrid…”

International magazine GQ has compiled a list of the best football-training equipment for 2017—a list that features our very own m-station football rebounder.

How to improve during winter without team training sessions

During the cold winter months, it gets dark early and football pitches are not in playable condition. Team training sessions are more likely to be cancelled due to snow, frost, and wind, so ambitious young footballers have to find alternative ways to train their technical skills.

m-station football winter training
Combining physical and technical training during winter

Football skills can be divided into three different groups: technical skills, mental skills, and physical skills. Having strong technical skills is what most people refer to when talking about “good football,” but having the right mentality, physical skills, and general understanding of the game is very important if you want to make it far.

Improve your technical skills during winter with a rebounder

For most footballers, winter break is all about staying in shape for spring season. The pitches are either muddy or frozen, and playing on them increases the risk of injury. Also, at most clubs it is prohibited to play on grass pitches during winter because it may ruin the soil and the grass, making the […]

m-station – the best football rebounder you’ll ever have

  Watch this video to discover all the great benefits of the m-station

“The small – yet significant – difference”

Sjur Lothe is only 16 years old, but he has already represented Norway on the youth national team. This achievement is the result of hard work and dedication; Lothe began self-training at a very young age, and that has since paid off. Here’s his story.

Boost your confidence with self-training

Self-training can take place both on the couch and in the yard. Simply watching football is itself self-training, explains the former Superliga forward Rajko Lekic.

Pia Sundhage
The World’s Best Football Coach 2012: “3 things that will make you better”

If you’ve ever watched women’s football and thought that it isn’t nearly as exciting as its male equivalent. Read this and think again. Here you will meet the world’s best women’s football coach in the year 2012, Pia Sundhage, and she can indeed teach you a thing or two about how to improve as a […]

Youth national team players: “Self-training need not be a solo exercise.”

Jutland’s west coast has a proud tradition of producing great football talents, and the Alka Superliga club Esbjerg fB has already started preparing young players for the national team. Two such players could be youth national team members Oliver Olsen and Jacob Lønne, but the young talents wouldn’t have been among the best young players […]

Details, details, details

15-year-old Herman Sjögrell has already experienced multiple of Europe’s biggest clubs at at close quarters, and this is because of his sky-high level of ambition, seriousness and daily self-training sessions.

Marcus Allbäck
Marcus Allbäck: “Self-train what you are good at”

Marcus Allbäck is one of the most skilled Swedish forwards of all time. For many years, Allbäck played at a very high level in some of Europe’s biggest leagues, and he participated in several tournaments. Self-training is one of the reasons he was so successful. Now he’s sharing his experiences with us.

“I want to be the best version of me!”

It’s important to be focused and goal-oriented when you’re self-training.  This is well known to 19-year-old Victor Guldbrandsen, who—after two years in England—has returned to Denmark with a clear vision of what he wants to achieve through self-training.

Self-training with Elias Fritjof Sørensen Newcastle
Danish Newcastle player: “Start self-training!”

There are no disadvantages to self-training, says Danish Newcastle talent Elias Fritjof Sørensen, who has had a busy 2016.

“I want to be the best female football player in the world”

Kristin Gumaer knows exactly what she wants to do with her life: she wants to be a professional football player, and she’s already working hard to achieve her goal. Her love of football is immeasurable, and if her skills reach the level of her passion for the sport, she will realize her dream before long.

m-station used by Real Madrid stars

We are proud to announce that one of the top football websites in the United States, TopDrawerSoccer.com, has published an article about how Cristiano Ronaldo uses the m-station football rebounder to perfect his skills. Check out Cristiano Ronaldo and Isco using the m-station here

How the m-station is Utilized by Denmark’s Leading Football Academy

The m-station is used in the daily training routine of 2014-2015 Danish Superliga football champion FC Midtjylland. We spoke with the club’s ‘goal-box’ coach, Peter Johanesson, regarding the use of the m-station football rebounder at the youth academy and at the Superliga level.

Experience in-game situations with the m-station rebounder

Everyone who has played football knows that there is a major difference between practice and real games. During training and practice, everything is a bit slower, there is less adrenalin running through your body, and you do not commit to tackles as you would in a match. In other words, both your mind and your […]

M-station Used For Improved Goalkeeping at Club Brugge

2016 Belgian league champions and Champions League participant Club Brugge has incorporated the m-station football rebounder into its daily training sessions. Not having a strong goalkeeper can be detrimental to the success of a team, which is why goalkeeping coach Jan van Steenberghe utilizes the m-station for optimized preparation.

How to Improve as a Defender With the m-station

A great offense wins games, but a strong defense wins championships. Conceding goals is just as impactful as scoring them, so if you have trouble scoring goals, it is imperative that you do not concede any. For young players, choosing to be a defender may not be as appealing as choosing to be a striker, […]

Become A Better Midfielder With Just A Few m-station Drills

The midfield is what connects the offense and the defense. As a midfielder, you have to be able to attack, defend, and do everything in between. However, there are many different midfield roles, each with certain responsibilities depending on your team’s tactical setup.

A Tool for Success in Women’s Football

UEFA Women’s Cup winner and former Swedish U-19 international Madelene Göras is one of Sweden’s most decorated female footballers. She began her career as a coach back in 2005 when she was still playing for AIK.For more than 10 years now, Madelene has worked as a women’s football training coach and instructor.

Enhance Your Goalkeeping Skills with the m-station

As a goalkeeper, you have a skill set distinct from that of every other player on the field. You might not have the best raw skills on the ball, but your position is arguably the most important one on the field, as every mistake you make is costly. The pressure of being a goalkeeper is […]

Learn How To Become A Better Striker with the m-station

Football is about scoring more goals than the team you are facing. If your team has trouble scoring goals, you will probably not make it far in the tournament. Strikers are usually the ones deciding the outcome of the game, which is why most of the greatest players of all time are strikers, wingers or […]

m-station Wins “Best Individual Training Innovation” Award

Each year, we encounter new ways to improve football training. The best place in the world to see the latest innovations in football equipment is at the NSCAA convention. The convention is held in the US by the NSCAA, the world’s largest organization for football coaches.

NikeTown: the Unique Football Experience with m-station

Nike is a giant in the world of sports equipment. The iconic “Swoosh” logo has become a symbol of great quality and stylish design. Nike has stores all over the world, some of which are NikeTown stores.

How Arsenal use m-station in Talent Development

With 13 English league titles and 12 victories in the FA Cup, there can be no doubt that Arsenal is one of the true giants of English football. A large part of the club’s success comes from its own academy.

43% improvement with the m-station

A study by the Danderyd Football Academy in Stockholm shows impressive results after only 4 weeks of training with the m-station Talent.


Better technique achieved by training with the m-station

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5 drills for the striker

For a striker it’s vital to be able to score goals, outrun opposition players and confuse defenders with amazing dribbling skills.

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