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Annicka Grøttem, Norway

Hi, We have a ten-year-old who is inseparable from his football. When he’s not at training, matches or playing on the football pitch, he’s doing tricks in the garden. After getting an m-station for Christmas, there are now no more balls breaking the windows of our house or campervan :-). Moreover, he can hone his skills and try new things. The m-station is really easy to use, he can take it out and adjust the angle himself, then stand in the garden practicing for hours on end. He has made exercises by using the M-Station alongside cones, barriers and agility ladders and, whilst playing and having fun, has learnt a lot! For example, chest control, and volleys and last week he set a new PB of 358 headers with the angle set to 12 (?) or something like that. His eight-year-old little brother uses it for goalkeeper training, brilliant!!! Much luck with further sales! Best wishes,

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