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Carl & Blaze Brown, United Kingdom

The m-station talent rebounder is an absolute must for any footballer looking to improve there touch, skill and technique. My son Blaze Gerrard Brown and I absolutely LOVE IT, Its my favourite piece of training equipment a real genius invention and everyone should own one. It’s very strong and sturdy and it’s uses are endless it can be used by any age group and even after a couple of hours usage you can see a significant improvement straight away it improved touch, skill, passing, headers, chest control, awareness and reflexes and can be used alone or with others, it has kept Blaze training for hours but with a smile on his face which is also important, we are also loving everything about the Munin Sports app especially because you can keep track of your progress, would definitely recommend from a very happy father and son. Its “Epic” (meaning best thing ever) as Blaze says.

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