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Diego Meza, USA

We have 5 years with the m-station and it continues to work very well. It has helped us for training in both the academy with children, as well as with professional teams. It is an excellent product.

Jason Schexnaydre, USA

m-station is hands down the best rebounder I have ever used and I have tried a few. All of my players and fellow coaches are impressed with it. It’s very portable being on wheels. It’s easier to adjust and has many more positions than other rebounders.

Rick Zucchi, Zee Academy – USA

Worth every penny! We have two m-station rebounders and use them on a daily basis. They have held up like if they were still new even if they’ve taken a serious beating. They are well worth every penny invested, no other rebounder has lasted this long on our training field.

Josh Groves, New Mexico Youth Soccer Association – USA

The m-station is a fantastic tool to help players develop and refine their technical abilities. The ability to adjust the angles of the rebound surface sets it apart from other products on the market and allows for a wide variety of uses. Every player should have one! Thanks

Darren Spurrier, Spurrier Professional Soccer Training – USA

m-station… Practice makes permanent

JAÄO TEIXEIRA, Head Coach Futbol City Valencia

As a coach, it is always a challenge to develop the players’ ability to control the ball in the air. With the m-station we now have a unique chance to work on these skills methodically. It is a great training tool.


m-station Pro can be used at all levels, and it enable the coach to develop a lot of new drills. It makes the practice sessions more fun and it makes the players more creative.


dbu m-station Pro rebounder

The m-station Pro is just amazing. Six out of six stars.

Oliver Reck, First Team Goalkeeper Coach – MSV Duisburg

I use the m-station in my one-on-one training, and in this training the m-station is a fabulous tool and an important supplement to my goalkeeper training.


Joao Santos - m-station Pro rebounder

The m-station is returning the ball with different paths, different angles and different speeds and this contributes to the development of individual football players technique. The m-station is a very versatile device that allow individual and group training for players of different ages and different field positions. From the goalkeeper to the Striker. The m-station allow young footballers to improve their individual talent.

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