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Europe’s 5th Youngest Lineup & Title Contender: FC Nordsjælland and its use of the m-station

Fielding one of the youngest starting 11s in European football, FC Nordsjælland has achieved much recent success, which has not gone unnoticed. Currently, the club is part of the top flight in the Danish Superliga despite the recent departures of Emre Mor, Marcus Ingvartsen, and Stanislav Lobotka, who collectively transferred for the sum of 20 million Euros.

FCN has an extraordinary focus on youth development, and the club’s starting lineup—which includes a 36-year-old captain—has an average age of just 22.78. The club utilizes the m-station football rebounder as a tool in daily training sessions at both youth and professional level.

Watch Superliga star Marcondes in action with the m-station rebounder here:

Marcondes is particularly satisfied with the flexibility of the rebounder:

– We use the m-station to practice multiple elements of the game. Everything from crosses to regular passes from outside the box and finishes with or without a first touch.

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The soon-to-be Brentford player enjoys using the m-station rebounder for technical training because the help of the coaching staff or teammates is not required:

– It is very good for practicing the technical aspects of the game. You can train by yourself while having fun.

Slovakian international Stanislav Lobotka, who recently moved from FCN to Spanish side Celta Vigo, praises the utilisation of the m-station at the FCN training grounds:

– We used the m-station all the time when there was a small break in the play. I primarily used the m-station to improve my first touch; you learn to control the ball better and with greater speed.

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Not just designed for technical, attacking players

Although Marcondes (striker) and Lobotka (attacking midfielder) both improve their technical skills using the m-station, the m-station football rebounder also allows players to practice and improve essential goalkeeping and defending skills. Marcondes explains:

– We also use the m-station for defensive purposes. Andreas Skovgaard, Viktor Tranberg, and I have practiced against each other in order to time our movement better on both high and low crosses. I think it’s a very useful device. It also helps us improve headers.

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FCN technical director Flemming Pedersen agrees with Marcondes on the m-station’s ability to improve players’ aerial duels and headers:

– The m-station is good for practicing the technical part of the header; you learn to direct your headers.

Pedersen also explains how FCN’s keepers are becoming better at anticipating the movement of the ball by training with the m-station:

– The m-station rebounder is almost always part of goalkeeper training. When the ball hits the rebounder’s surface, it returns at many different angles. This improves the keeper’s ability to estimate the pace of the ball in order to make the best decision as quickly as possible.

Watch how the FCN Superliga goalkeepers rate the m-station:

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In short, the m-station provides tons of opportunities for different drills appropriate for all positions on the field. Pedersen is more than satisfied with the rebounder:

– We use the m-station a lot, and the players benefit greatly from it.

Do you have questions on how to use the m-station football rebounder at home or in daily training sessions at club level? E-mail us or use the chat button at the bottom-right corner of the page.



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