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GQ Magazine: “The best pass-returning training device – just ask Real Madrid…”

m-station the best football-training equipment

International magazine GQ has compiled a list of the best football-training equipment for 2017—a list that features our very own m-station football rebounder.

Also featuring equipment such as boots, shin guards, goalkeeper gloves, footballs, and more, GQ identifies the Munin Sports rebounder as the best the market has to offer:

The best pass-returning training device – just ask Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, etc.

The GQ article sums up the must-buy football training equipment for 2017, introducing the reader to a series of new gear and gadgets to improve your performance on the pitch.


The Talent Club edition of the m-station is a modified and improved version of the Talent Original rebounder, which is designed for backyard use. The Talent Club is specifically designed for daily training at football clubs and academies.

In comparison to the average rebounder, both editions provide a larger net surface, and they both offer the best rebound effect in the market, more angles, and an aluminum construction for greater durability in all types of weather conditions.

Read the full story from GQ Magazine here.

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