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Hanne & Jørgen Bonnesen, Denmark

Our son, Hans Christian Bonnesen, 12 years old, also called Kritte, got the M-station for our yard exactly one year ago. It is the absolute best investment you can give a real soccer-boy.

Kritte uses it every day, exercises he comes up with or ones he gets from his specifics trainer, Lauritz Smed. Lauritz is really good at explaining a very special exercise, which Kritte can take off YouTube (most recent one is the “Braithwaite”) and then practice, practice, practice.

Kritte plays in Helsinge daily and has been drafted as a FC Nordsjælland specific player. Furthermore, the m-station helped him get an interview for a magazine, in which he explains the importance of the combination between electronics and PE.

The electronic, where your iPhone can read the speed of the shot and such, as well as the importance of trying out the exercises in real life, not just reading about them on the computer.

We bought the m-station Talent, as recommended by Kritte’s coach, Lauritz Smed, because Kritte had to improve on some technical disciplines, and we can confirm with 100% certainty, that he has. We have such a happy soccer-boy. With lots of happiness,

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