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Kasper Tikjøb Andersen, Denmark

Simply the most amazing training equipment you can get – fun and educational for all age groups. At a wonderful open and free football event at our local football club Galten FS, where all the towns children were invited, we had the chance to try not just the m-station Pro but also the new m-station Talent, which Munin was so nice to come to the event and show. The children loved it, and as a father i wanted to bring this love of the game back home to our own garden, so we bought the m-station Talent straight away. Yes, it was quite a bit more expensive than the Global Goal Home we allready have in the garden, but i want it for life and want to use it all-year-round (the Global goal is allready starting to rust). I can say for sure that any kind of comparison is unfair, the m-station Talent beats the Global Goal and all other ”trampolines” way off, you just can’t compare the experience. You like football? You will love the Talent!

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