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Kim Kristoffersen, Denmark

From the moment I saw your m-station Pro, I was impressed with your product. It is a bit bulky for private use, but then you released the m-station Talent, shortly after. It has brought so much joy into our yard where the kids play. As with most good products, it is simple to use, but has a lot of variable options, in regard to operating it. When it comes to sturdiness and quality, it is unsurpassed; it kept up with both “creative” ideas and the winter weather. The availability of M-apps and the exercises from your homepage are superb! This is however the part where I “whine” a little bit, I really want the M-apps to be made for the Android platform. Being a software-developer myself, I considered writing an alternative app. When I see how the m-station otherwise has been used, I could picture it used in arenas with the purpose of practicing soccer indoors, but also handball and volleyball. The fact that it has a spring-loaded surface, capable of returning the ball in various angles, gives it some really interesting options. I wish you guys all the best of luck with your products in the future,

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