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m-station – the best football rebounder you’ll ever have


Watch this video to discover all the great benefits of the m-station

It can be hard to tell the difference between the m-station and a real-life teammate.

Due to the unique rebound effect of the m-station, the ball moves precisely as it does in game situations.

This ensures that you practice the skills and moves you truly need to practice to become a better player.

Also, you get more repetitions in a smaller amount of time, and your training becomes more fun and more effective.

You waste less time, because you’re always in possession of the ball.

Unless you miss the rebounder’s frame entirely, you’ll always have the ball at your feet. For young players especially, being in possession is a massive motivational factor.

When you buy the m-station, you also get a free app for your smartphone that collects data on your training. Just start the app and attach it to the m-station; when your training session is over, you can review all your stats.

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