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Marcel Hägglund, Sweden

The m-station is brilliant! Got a m-station in spring. Assembled it right away, and I have to say that I was amazed by the build quality and the nice manual! Almost as easy as Ikea. Comparing it to other rebounders on the market, this rebounder is in a totally different league. When I tested it for the first time, it really surprised me how the ball came back, like from a catapult! Wow! My 9 year old son has now been playing with it all summer in our garden, making up his own small drills and games. He mostly likes to use it to practise his headers and volleys. It truly feels like a perfect tool for kids that like playing football at home after school and in their spare time. This is a rebounder that I can really recommend for talented and motivated kids from ages 8 and up.

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