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Mark Beetson, Denmark

Our friends had recently purchased a cheaper product of m-station and we were impressed by its versatility and its obvious advantages to there young football crazy sons of 7 and 10 years of age. We searched the net via google for m-station and came across m-station Talent from Munin sports, i thought at the time it was a professional product and liked the idea that it was endorsed by Arsenal F.C. even though i am a born and bread United fan ! It was an impulsive purchase as it is twice the price of its cheaper imitator. I had special permission to pick the m-station Talent up from the warehouse in Svendborg as it was my sons 8 th birthday the following day. The member of staff from the warehouse was extremely helpful explaining the short successful history of Munin Sports and most importantly the quality of the product “navy strength or was it navy lacquered iron” that can be left permanently out in the garden and a quick demo of how to assemble the m-station, Great start i thought, i already had a great feeling about this purchase. After a weeks use of the m-station Talent i have to admit it is a fantastic product, my son is on it everyday, i am on it everyday, the whole family is on it everyday. Goalkeeper, defender, forward or just family fun, it is so versatile, team games or individual training. A great investment, well done to you guys…

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