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Part 13 | Long Carriage Bolt (2-pack)
Part 13 | Long Carriage Bolt (2-pack)

Part 13 is the long carriage bolt used for connecting the back and front frame.

Choose your long carriage bolt
Check which m-station you have before you choose the long carriage bolt needed for your specific m-station model in the drop-down menu below.

  • T13 – m-station Talent (£10)
  • C13 – m-station Club (£10)
  • A13 – m-station Academy (£10)

How to assemble?
Place the back frame on the front frame and connect them using the long carriage bolt. The metal washer and associated cap nut comes pre-mounted on the long carriage bolt. To ease the assembly process, you can use a rubber mallet before tightening the nut using a Q/R tool. View the video manual or check chapter 4 in the assembly manual.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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