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Ulf Nissen, Denmark

We have been very pleased with the purchase of an M-station. Our children, a 9-year old boy and a 7-year old girl, love soccer. We bought the M-station in order to stimulate their interest in a fun and different way and boy, did it live up to our expectations! As an “old” soccer player, you can recollect the countless hours spent as a kid, shooting the ball against a wall or a garage-door – alone or with friends. M-station is the same thing, just 100 times more fun and it develops you better, especially through the interaction with the integrated app, which constantly measures your development. The kids love the simplicity of the app which they can easily handle themselves. Besides the multitude of videos you can see online, our kids and their friends come up with new and fun tricks on their own. M-station is a big investment, just like buying a trampoline, but when you see how many hours are spent in the backyard with it, instead of in front a computer, we highly recommend buying one. Thank you for a truly genius product.

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