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Loved by Coaches, Goalkeepers & Players

We are honored to have helped improve training sessions in football clubs, academies and educational institutions around the world. The great people we’ve met on this journey represent everything from top-tier Champions League sides to non-league amateur clubs. To help you grasp the versatility and usefulness of the m-station football rebounders we’ve talked to some of the coaches and players who know everything about it. We are delighted to be able share it with you.

m-station is a Marvelous Piece of Equipment

Arsenal’s academy has a long and proud history of producing quality first team players. Carl Laraman, one of the coaches at Arsenal’s youth academy, explains how the m-station can be used in many different ways in an academy: “For outfield players you can do a lot of individual stuff in regards to control and passing. You can use it as a rebound facility for shooting, defensive heading and attacking heading. You can use it in different elevations. I think it is a marvelous piece of equipment!”

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Perfect Rebound Effect & Astonishing Flexibility

The m-station has become a part of the daily training routine for Bayer Leverkusen players, including the first-team squad. According to goalkeeping coach David Thiel, the m-station has no rival in today’s market for rebounders: “The m-station rebounder is the best rebounder on the market to date. The rebound effect is perfect and the flexibility of this training tool is astonishing. I’m using the m-station regularly in my everyday training with individual goalkeepers, and also for group exercises.”

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The Most Perfect Training Tool of its Kind

Gianluca Angelucci, one of the AC Milan Junior Camp coaches, reviews the m-station. This is what he told us: “Earlier I have seen training tools of this kind but I think this is the most perfect and thought out in all aspects. It's really great because it can be used by goalkeepers and outfield players. It allows you to work with very specific elements, especially when it comes to goalkeeping practice where you need to dive, to catch the ball in the air or react on rebounds. All football clubs will benefit from using the m-station!”

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Individual Improvement for all Young Players

Joâo Santos, head of SL Benfica‘s youth academy, has no doubt that the m-station plays a crucial role in the development of their players: “The m-station returns the ball with different pace from different angles, depending on the pass from the player, which strengthens the development of the young player’s individual skills. It is a versatile tool allowing players to develop individually and as a team, regardless of age or position on the field. From goalkeeper to striker, anything, really."

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How m-station is Used by Premier League Club

We recently received this video from Premier League club AFC Bournemouth showing how they have incorporated the m-station rebounder in their every day training sessions with the goalkeepers.

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m-station Motivates the Players to Stay Longer

As a top-level Premier League goalkeeper, Matthew Ryan knows how to help himself become a better player. We had a chance to talk to him and his coach about the m-station back when he was at Club Brugge: “I am happy with the m-station! I can practice my footwork, make saves, and it allows us to work on the unpredictability of a shot or something else that you do not expect in a game. Anything that can improve my game as a goalkeeper will make me very happy. It is a very useful piece of equipment.”

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Boost Team Spirit with Multiple m-stations

KAA Gent uses multiple m-stations, but not just to improve the players’ technical skills. Physical Coach Stijn Matthys elaborates on how it is used for recovery: “Players often complain about being bored during the low intensity recovery sessions that we do the day after a game. But by adding the m-station rebounders to these sessions emphasizing technique and fun, the players really enjoy these recovery sessions. Therefore, the m-station is very useful to us, as can be seen in the video.”

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How Europe's 5th Youngest Lineup Uses m-station

Fielding one of the youngest starting 11s with an average age of just 22.7, FCN has achieved much success with an extraordinary focus on youth development. FCN utilizes the m-station at both youth and professional level to practice multiple elements of the game. Striker Emiliano Marcondes: ”We use the m-station for everything from crosses to passes and finishes with or without a first touch. It is very good for practicing the technical aspects of the game. You can train by yourself while having fun!”

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It Will Motivate Goalkeepers in a Whole New Way

The VFB Stuttgart goalkeeper team uses the m-station rebounder. The then VFB Stuttgart goalkeeper coach Andreas Menger was very impressed by his ‘assistant coach’: "It is needless to say a top tool. The adjustment of the angle is simply outstanding because it means that you can get the ball back in so many ways. It’s intensive, effective and versatile no matter if you practice to catch crosses or you train reactions and technique. You will never have a boring training session with the m-station!”

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Great Equipment for Goalkeepers

The goalkeepers at the Arsenal academy make good use of the m-station football rebounders. The goalkeeping coach at Arsenal’s youth academy, Lee Smelt, is a big fan of using the m-station in training: “The m-station gives the goalkeepers an opportunity to do different sessions in a different way, give them a different view of things, and I like it. I like the way the ball springs back at different angles. I like the way it can be adjusted to go up or the set go down.”

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The 1st Team Can’t Leave it Alone!

Charlton Athletic has one of the most highly rated academies in the UK having produced Premier League players such as Joe Gomez, Ademola Lookman and Jonjo Shelvey. This is how academy manager Paul Hart rate the m-station: “The m-station rebounder is for heading practice, skills practice, shooting practice - anything you can think of - and we’re going to have a great time with this! The first team can’t leave it alone when they come out in the morning. I think we are going to benefit greatly from it.”

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Goalkeepers Benefit Greatly From m-station

Technical director Flemming Pedersen explains how FCN’s keepers are becoming better at anticipating the movement of the ball by training with the m-station: “The m-station rebounder is almost always part of goalkeeper training. When the ball hits the rebounder’s surface, it returns at many different angles. This improves the keeper’s ability to estimate the pace of the ball in order to make the best decision as quickly as possible. We use the m-station a lot, and the players benefit greatly from it.”

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