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Improve your Short-Passing with the m-station rebounder

We have compiled a list of drills to get you off to a great start with the m-station football rebounder by focusing on short-passing skills. Find the drills on the MuninPlay app and turn your yard into a world-class training facility.


Passing is one of the fundamentals of football. Simply put, football is a team sport and you play like a team by constantly passing the ball. Short-passing is an important skill for any football player, but it is especially important for aspiring midfielders.

To get the best result for short passing drills with the m-station make sure to lock your angle and focus on kicking the ball with the inside of your foot. Remember to train both feet and as with everything else in life; Practice Makes Perfect


No one expects you to be an ambidextrous footballer, but being able to make a simple pass with both feet will always come in handy, especially during games. Through this simple drill, you learn how to to use both feet naturally and effectively.

Step 1: Pass the ball forward with your right foot

Step 2: When the ball returns, use your left foot to immediately pass it back (without taking a first touch)

Step 3: Repeat, making sure never to take a first touch before passing the ball

Push yourself by increasing the speed and intensity.

Difficulty: 1 out of 3


You cannot expect to make a great pass if you are standing still. Most passes require some footwork, and in order to play the ball with the requisite power, body movement before playing the ball is essential.

This drill is very similar to the first drill, but it includes some footwork.

Step 1: Pass the ball forward with your right foot and immediately shuffle your feet backwards

Step 2: Meet the ball and make a right-footed first-touch pass

Step 3: Repeat, making sure never to take a first touch before passing the ball

Force yourself to pass and move with high intensity, and remember to train both legs.

Difficulty: 1 out of


Passing and movement are football essentials. Improve your ball control and your passing with both feet with this drill.

Step 1: Starting at one set of cones, pass with your right foot and move to the next set of cones

Step 2: Dribble around the outer cone and then cut between the two cones using your right foot

Step 3: Repeat

Remember to practice this drill with both legs.

Difficulty: 1 out of 3

If you are looking to practice your short-passing skills even further, visit our YouTube channel to find more drills:


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