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Better technique achieved by training with the m-station

The Munin Sports satisfaction survey of 1.116 m-station customers shows that 98% of users improve their technical skills by training with the m-station Talent.

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At Munin Sports, we have always believed that our m-station improves the technique of young football players. Now, the users themselves confirm that training with the m-station imparts better technique.

In a satisfaction study, it was shown that a total of 98% who use the m-station Talent have seen technical improvements after having trained with the m-station. 58% of the 98% saw significant improvements!

Parents celebrate the family’s new playmate

The m-station Talent is much more than a training tool, it is also a playmate for the whole family. 51% of m-station owners have also seen that it can bring the family together for group activities. In fact, 66% of parents have seen that their children’s new playmate has gotten their kids to spend more time outdoors.

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We consider the m-station Talent a good and durable product, which our users fully agree with. 98% respond that they are satisfied with the Munin Sports football rebounder. In fact, they are so satisfied that 96% of them would recommend the m-station to others. One of them is Line Brandt Wilhelmsen from Denmark. On Trustpilot she writes:

– The m-station has been worth every penny. It has been standing outside for 3 years now and still looks as new. Both our son and his two little sisters use it multiple times a week, both alone and together with friends.

It is great for practicing shooting technique, headers, passing, etc. If you are on your own you always have a companion in the m-station, which is really fantastic. We give it our most heartfelt recommendations, along with the whole family of training equipment.

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If you would like to read more about our research, please get directly in touch with our Marketing Manager, Simon Secher, on simon@muninsports.com and we can send you the full report.

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