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A Tool for Success in Women’s Football

UEFA Women’s Cup winner and former Swedish U-19 international Madelene Göras is one of Sweden’s most decorated female footballers. She began her career as a coach back in 2005 when she was still playing for AIK.For more than 10 years now, Madelene has worked as a women’s football training coach and instructor.

She initiated her very own project in 2011, the Goeras Football Education, to provide an educational environment for young female football player with dreams of turning their hobby into a profession. For the last couple of months, Madelene has been using the m-station football rebounder for her training sessions, and she has been pleasantly surprised by how the m-station can be utilized in many different exercises regardless of how many players are using it. Madelene elaborates:

-I think it’s a very helpful tool, especially with individual training, but also with teams or with small groups of players.

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Flexible, Intelligent Football Equipment

The ability of the rebounder to accommodate multiple players at once is not its only attractive feature. The m-station allows a wide range of specific exercises to be carried out in women’s football training sessions without the help of others, as the strings at the “sweet spot” are designed to enable you to improve every aspect of your game.

-It’s easy to hit the sweet-spot and the rebound is the best I have tried.

The rebound is easily the most critical part of the m-station football rebounder. If the rebound is not optimal, the player will not improve sufficiently, and if the player does not improve using the equipment, there is no purpose for the equipment. Top-notch training equipment is essential, as it allows the player to develop in the specific areas he or she needs to improve. The best equipment and great determination are what will always enable you to improve.

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The Multifunctional m-station football rebounder

As one of the leading female football coaches in Sweden, Madelene knows what it takes to make it to the top level. Football is a game with many details, and only by endlessly practicing can you become the player you want to be. Whether you are developing skills in defense or attack, the m-station allows you to improve your movement, passing, first touch, turning, reflexes, and shooting without the help of another player.

-You can practice a whole sequence, including passing, receiving, followed by finishing at target.

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To Madelene, the m-station offers a unique type of utility that cannot and should not be underestimated during women’s football training sessions. This sophisticated tool ensures that players can practice what they need to practice and not just wait in line for poorly thrown balls by coaches or players. In other words, players improve more in a shorter span of time.

-I will use the m-station at my camps and at individual training, but also with teams or small groups.


Find more info on the m-station football rebounder here or get directly in touch with our Marketing Manager, Simon Secher, on simon@muninsports.com if you have any questions.


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