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Improve your goalkeeping reflexes with the m-station rebounder

Get started with the m-station rebounder and become the goalkeeper you always wanted to be. Improve your reflexes as a goalkeeper through these drills to channel your inner Manuel Neuer.


Goalkeeping takes reflexes, handling, aerial skills, positioning, anticipation, determination, and a large amount of courage. No one masters all these skills, but you should always seek to improve on every single one of them – especially reflexes.

To improve your reflexes, always be on the tip of your toes; it is significantly easier to keep the ball out of the goal if you are always ready to jump or change direction.

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A goalkeeper relies heavily on the ability to stop shots. Good positioning is important, but strong reflexes are usually referred to as a keeper’s most critical tool. Immediate reactions are crucial in any competitive game. Start this drill off with your back to the rebounder.

Step 1: With your back to the net, bend over and throw the ball toward the net between your legs

Step 2: Immediately turn around while maintaining your balance and keeping your hands in front of you

Step 3: Catch the ball while trying to keep your body well behind it

Repeat and keep trying to find the perfect balance when you make the turn in Step 2.

Difficulty: 3 out of 3

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Having the right technique for aerial diving and catching can make the difference between a save and a goal. Having the right stance and jumping with the right movement is essential for all goalkeepers.

Start this drill by making a pass to the rebounder.  The intensity with which you pass the ball will determine the intensity of this drill.

Step 1: Place your weight on the front of your feet and keep your hands in front of you

Step 2: Allow the ball to bounce off the net and prepare to jump wherever the ball may return

Step 3: Determine where the ball is returning, leap in that direction, and reach for the ball with both hands

Step 4: The foot closest to the ball should point diagonal-forward as you jump

Step 5: Try to move slightly forward as you leap for the ball

Make sure to practice leaping in both directions.  Technique is key in this drill.  Before you increase the intensity, make sure that you can execute the drill correctly.

Difficulty: 2 out of 3

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Being able to dive and save the ball with proper technique is important not only for winning matches, but also for ensuring your safety. Avoid getting hurt and prevent goals and dangerous rebounds with this drill. Start by playing the ball to the rebounder.

Step 1: Place your weight on the front of your feet and keep your hands in front of you

Step 2: When you dive for the ball, drag the hand closest to the ball along the ground

Step 3: The foot closest to the ball should be facing diagonal-forward

Step 4: Try to move slightly forward as you leap for the ball

Step 5: Punch or tip the ball away, directing it between the goal line and the cone

Make sure to practice stopping shots from different angles.

Difficulty: 2 out of 3

If you are looking to improve your goalkeeping reflexes even further, visit our YouTube channel to find more drills.



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